1st Scientific Conference

1st Scientific Conference


Napata college

1st Scientific Conference

“Advances in Scientific Research”

Plenary sessions

  1. Role of private sector in renaissance of higher education.
  2. SEFA for prevention and management of NCDs.
  3. Climatic change, water resources management and community resistance of flood risks.
  4. Family studies for the maintenance of Sudanese family cohesion. 

Conference Themes

  1. Biotechnology in medical research.
  2.  Impact of Nutrition on Health
  3. Computer applications in scientific research
  4. Future Prospects of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Conference objectives:

1- Demonstrating some important scientific research developments.

2- Highlighting the role of scientific research and innovation in facing health pandemics and the difficulties associated with demographic change due to the population’s encroachment towards cities.

3- Linking scientific research to community services

4- Encouraging young researchers to submit their scientific research at an international quality level





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